Monday, October 4, 2010

Earth4Energy –Earth as a Source of Energy

The whole world is facing the scarcity of the conventional sources of energy, especially developing countries. India is facing a very big challenge of fulfilling the needs of growing demand for Earth4Energy.

Earth is considered as the full of capabilities that is enough to fulfil all the needs of required energy. Earth has got a vast reserve of minerals and materials as a source of non- renewable energy. As these minerals are non-renewable, hence these materials will end one day.

Despite of non-renewable source of energy there are so many renewable forms of energy that the Earth has given us, if people become aware of these non-conventional sources of energy then we can easily overcome the surplus energy needs.

These non-conventional renewable sources of energy are solar energy, wind energy, tidal waves, biological waste. There are so many other forms also that need a serious research yet.

From the above discussion we can conclude the Earth4Energy is absolutely true. We need to proliferate the non-conventional ways of energy among the masses. There should be research on the scientific ways to develop the cheap and efficient ways to use the non-conventional sources of energy.

Developing countries like India has taken so many steps like compulsory education of environmental studies in primary and higher studies. These types of steps will definitely help in proliferation of the cause of Earth4Energy among the common people as their duty.